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Dealer & Partnership Opportunities

Some of these include:

  • Retail & Online Dealer Programs

  • Lead Generators

  • Corporate partnerships

  • Product and Vendor partnerships

  • Contractors

  • Architects

  • Real Estate Agents partnerships

  • Hawaiian Islands partnerships (we have shipping to the islands)

Retail Dealer Program

Building partnerships for success!

Looking to join our Retail Dealer Program? We help you build your business by selling steel buildings like garages, workshops, mini-storage, commercial buildings, and carports.


DH Steel Buildings provides everything you need to be successful in one easy step. We provide you with simple but powerful online tools to sell more buildings, more easily, and that translates into more profit in less time. Our technology allows your customers to design and submit online requests for a quote that is handled by our design team.


We offer multiple options for displaying and non-displaying dealers that include;

  • Mobile and web sales sites

  • Professional Kiosks for your retail location or for your other referral locations;

  • White-labeled website, fully featured with customer interaction tools and quoting. All with your brand, logo, and information (deployed free after your second order);

  • Premier quoting and design services;

  • Dedicated customer service advisor (after your second sale or with large retail accounts);

  • and much, much more…

Our goal is to turn you into a high-volume retail center or high-volume online retailer.


Looking to be part of our Lead Generating Partner Program instead? Our program is for you as well, so that everyone wins while providing a valuable service to our mutual customers.

For more information or to apply to be a dealer, please contact us at (928) 577-5881 for dealer services.

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Retail, Online, Developers, Builders, Communities, and City Partnerships


Parenting with DH Steel Buildings has multiple advantages. 


When partnering with retail dealers, online dealers, land developments for residential, or commercial projects, we create a venture where both parties win. 


We supercharge the partnership for more profit


DH Steel Buildings have dealer tools to ensure success and corporate partnerships with the largest companies in America to supercharge the projects profit including, agents who provide powerful project lead referrals and sale and marketing, lending associations with custom lending programs for buildings, residential and commercial projects. 

If you are interested in partnering, contact DH Steel Buildings for a meeting to review your business and to find out how we work, and set up a project blueprint for profit.

Partnerships are how we grow

Come Partner With Us!